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Multi-finger Caliper Tool    3626


This tool can accurately measure the inner diameter of casing, casing collar, well temperature etc. And can describe casing twisted, diameter shrink and enlarge, damage, broken and other damage . Then find the location of the casing damage through Gradient of Temperature and Potentiometer of Temperature. It use inner diameter expanding imaging, circumference profile imaging,Cylinder stereoscopic imaging reflect casing damage, provide reliable, accurate, intuitive logging data for logging operator, maintenance workers .

  • outer diameter: φ73mm
  • Max. Pressure: 80MPa
  • Operation temperature: 150℃
  • Detected fingers: 16/36/40
  • Working voltage: 40~45V
  • Working current: 100~150mA
  • Close finger voltage: -70V
  • Close finger current: 100-150mA
  • Centralizer:Electrical or mechanical
  • Encoding: 20kbps PCM
  • Combination: CCL,GR,Temprature(Optional)